Salão do Inventor Brasileiro

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Talentobrasileiro.com.br traffic stats

Unique Visitors

Daily Unique Visitors 25
Monthly unique Visitors 750
Unique visitors per year 9,125

Page views

Daily Page Views 137
Monthly page views 4,110
Page views per year 50,005

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Talentobrasileiro.com.br is a 24 letter domain.

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Page title

Salão do Inventor Brasileiro



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  • Name:
    Content: 18º Salão do Inventor Brasileiro
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Text length: 2933

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  • inventor 10
  • sal 9
  • brasileiro 9
  • com 8
  • inventores 5
  • paulo 4
  • dos 4
  • guia 4
  • foram 3
  • prmio 3
  • destaque 3
  • cincia 3
  • tecnologia 3
  • brasileiros 3
  • clube 3

Most focused words

  • inventor 9
  • sal 9
  • brasileiro 9
  • com 8
  • paulo 4
  • guia 4
  • inventores 4
  • foram 3
  • destaque 3
  • prmio 3
  • presidente 3
  • tecnologia 3
  • clube 3
  • dos 3
  • 13 3

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  • Img src: images/seminario2 png
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  • Img src: images/visitantes png
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  • Img src: images/talento jpg
    Missing "alt" text!
  • Img src: images/revista jpg
    Missing "alt" text!
  • Img src: images/ibi jpg
    Missing "alt" text!
  • Img src: images/banner jpg
    Alt text: momento do inventor
  • Img src: images/banner_17 jpg
  • Img src: images/destaque_snct gif
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  • Img src: images/banner gif
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  • Img src: images/fotos15salao gif
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  • Img src: images/bannertaiwan gif
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  • Img src: images/destaque jpg
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  • Img src: images/relatorio13salao png
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  • Img src: images/inventorespremiados jpg
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There are 5 links.
  • Href: contato
    Title: fale com o Clube
  • Href: twitter com/inventar
    Title: twitter
  • Href: facebook com/pages/SAL%C3%83O-DO-INVENTOR-BRASILEIRO/111969865514502
    Title: facebook
  • Href: plus google com/102993236272808891381
    Title: googleplus
  • Href: youtube com/user/INVENTOPOLIS
    Title: youtube


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