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Videos with Elite Hedge Fund Managers, Academics and Hedge Fund Investors - Opalesque TV



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    Content: Opalesque.TV's Legends and Leaders video interview series was launched November 18th 2009 with in depth portraits of Julian Robertson and Izzy Englander. Opalesque.TV releases one video per week focusing on prominent hedge fund managers, hedge fund investors and academics from all continents. Opalesque.TV is a global channel accessed and viewed in all countries.
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    Alt text: michael-wexler
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    Alt text: eric-wong
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    Alt text: george-schultze
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/joe-taussig-taussig-capital jpg
    Alt text: joe-taussig-taussig-capital
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/LoicFery jpg
    Alt text: Loic Fery
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/PaulHawtin jpg
    Alt text: Paul Hawtin
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/sahm-adrangi jpg
    Alt text: sahm-adrangi
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/lars jpg
    Alt text: Lars Jaeger
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/giovanni-de-francisci jpg
    Alt text: giovanni-de-francisci
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/bryan-k-johnson jpg
    Alt text: bryan-k-johnson
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/ted-seides jpg
    Alt text: ted-seides
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/Joe jpg
    Alt text: Joe Taussig
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/VinayNair jpg
    Alt text: Dr Vinay Nair
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/barney jpg
    Alt text: Barney Schauble
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/BobTreue jpg
    Alt text: Bob Treue
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/ReneeHaugerud jpg
    Alt text: Renee Haugerud
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/Bryan_Borgia jpg
    Alt text: Bryan Borgia
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/ernesto-prado jpg
    Alt text: ernesto-prado
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/john-taylor jpg
    Alt text: john-taylor
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/Jerry_Swank jpg
    Alt text: Jerry Swank
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/steve-diggle-vulpes-investment-management jpg
    Alt text: steve-diggle-vulpes-investment-management
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/dr-andrew-cumming jpg
    Alt text: dr-andrew-cumming
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/adam-rodman jpg
    Alt text: adam-rodman
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/melvyn jpg
    Alt text: Melvyn Teo
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/Serge jpg
    Alt text: Francois Serge Lhabitant
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/narayan jpg
    Alt text: Narayan Naik
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/eric-rosenfeld jpg
    Alt text: eric-rosenfeld
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/DeepakGurnani jpg
    Alt text: Deepak Gurnani
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/alexander-ineichen jpg
    Alt text: alexander-ineichen
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/kyle-davies jpg
    Alt text: kyle-davies
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/Galen jpg
    Alt text: Galen Burghardt
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/Karl_D_Cunha jpg
    Alt text: Karl D Cunha
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/simon-lack jpg
    Alt text: simon-lack
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/Uncorrelated_Investments_Show_3 jpg
    Alt text: Uncorrelated Investments Show 3
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/Lunzer jpg
    Alt text: Peter Lunze
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/mark-okada jpg
    Alt text: mark-okada
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/AlainDeCoster jpg
    Alt text: Alain DeCoster
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/Andre_Steyn jpg
    Alt text: Andre Steyn
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/Billcollins jpg
    Alt text: Bill Collins
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/adam-tomas jpg
    Alt text: adam-tomas
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/mark-witten jpg
    Alt text: mark-witten
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/stephen jpg
    Alt text: Stephen A Kenney
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/Stephen_Brown jpg
    Alt text: Stephen Brown
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/FlorenceLombard jpg
    Alt text: Florence Lombard
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/detlef jpg
    Alt text: Detlef Schoen
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/conor-o-mara jpg
    Alt text: conor-o-mara
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/Hans_Peter_Boller jpg
    Alt text: Hans Peter Boller
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/Uncorrelated_Investments_Show jpg
    Alt text: Uncorrelated Investments Show
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/ram-ahluwalia jpg
    Alt text: ram-ahluwalia
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/olivier jpg
    Alt text: Olivier Combastet
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/guan-ong jpg
    Alt text: guan-ong
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/Philippe_Bonnefoy jpg
    Alt text: Philippe Bonnefoy
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/simon-lack-part-2 jpg
    Alt text: simon-lack-part-2
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/charles-stucke jpg
    Alt text: charles-stucke
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/Nancy jpg
    Alt text: Nancy Havens
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/jeffries-conference jpg
    Alt text: jeffries-conference
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/coast jpg
    Alt text: Coast Sullenge
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/ClaudePorret jpg
    Alt text: Claude Porret
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/Nadejda_Rakovska jpg
    Alt text: Nadejda Rakovska
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/timCoffin jpg
    Alt text: Tim Coffin
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/Anne_Sophie jpg
    Alt text: Anne Sophie
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/MarkEnman jpg
    Alt text: Mark Enman
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/michael-kao jpg
    Alt text: michael-kao
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/robert-oellermann jpg
    Alt text: robert-oellermann
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/kashao-lee jpg
    Alt text: kashao-lee
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/christian-stauffer jpg
    Alt text: christian-stauffer
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/craig jpg
    Alt text: Craig Asche
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/David_Lenfent jpg
    Alt text: David Lenfent
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/istar-capital jpg
    Alt text: istar-capital
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/thomas-stridsman jpg
    Alt text: thomas-stridsman
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/jasper-anderluh jpg
    Alt text: jasper-anderluh
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/randy-swan jpg
    Alt text: randy-swan
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/benjamin-ball jpg
    Alt text: benjamin-ball
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/francois-dotta jpg
    Alt text: francois-dotta
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/Steve_Liptz jpg
    Alt text: Steve Liptz
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/judith-sciamma-part-2 jpg
    Alt text: judith-sciamma-part-2
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/sven-bouman jpg
    Alt text: sven-bouman
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/Robert-Discolo jpg
    Alt text: robert-discolo
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/craig-french-visio-capital jpg
    Alt text: craig-french-visio-capital
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/arcus-research jpg
    Alt text: arcus-research
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/judith-sciamma jpg
    Alt text: judith-sciamma
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/chris-acito jpg
    Alt text: chris-acito
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/Chris_McGuire jpg
    Alt text: Chris McGuire
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/hanming-rao jpg
    Alt text: hanming-rao
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/Uncorrelated_Investments_Show_2 jpg
    Alt text: Uncorrelated Investments Show 2
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/nigol-koulajian jpg
    Alt text: nigol-koulajian
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/david-baran jpg
    Alt text: david-baran
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/dr_tillmann_sachs jpg
    Alt text: dr tillmann sachs
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/kirby jpg
    Alt text: Kirby Daley
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/barry-lau jpg
    Alt text: barry-lau
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/puzzle-capital jpg
    Alt text: puzzle-capital
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/paul-lucek jpg
    Alt text: paul-lucek
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/dave-fishwick jpg
    Alt text: dave-fishwick
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/simon-potter jpg
    Alt text: simon-potter
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/joseph-childrey jpg
    Alt text: joseph-childrey
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/jessica-mccarroll jpg
    Alt text: jessica-mccarroll
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/tower-capital jpg
    Alt text: tower-capital
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/jack-schwager-4 jpg
    Alt text: jack-schwager-4
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/michael-lewitt jpg
    Alt text: michael-lewitt
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/diego-wauters jpg
    Alt text: diego-wauters
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/anders-lindell jpg
    Alt text: anders-lindell
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/gernot-heitzinger jpg
    Alt text: gernot-heitzinger
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/ToddGroome jpg
    Alt text: Todd Groome
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/uys-meyer jpg
    Alt text: uys-meyer
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/stephane-pizzo jpg
    Alt text: stephane-pizzo
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/charles-van-vleet jpg
    Alt text: charles-van-vleet
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/angelo-robles-part2 jpg
    Alt text: angelo-robles-part2
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/ruud-smets jpg
    Alt text: ruud-smets
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/david-stephen-martin jpg
    Alt text: david-stephen-martin
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/DeepakGurnanipart2 jpg
    Alt text: Deepak Gurnani Part2
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/uncorrelated-investments-show-6 jpg
    Alt text: uncorrelated-investments-show-6
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/jacques-conradie jpg
    Alt text: jacques-conradie
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/Lindsey jpg
    Alt text: Lindsey Clavel
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/meredith-jones jpg
    Alt text: meredith-jones
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/louis-gargour jpg
    Alt text: louis-gargour
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/matthew-auerbach jpg
    Alt text: matthew-auerbach
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/masahiro-koshiba jpg
    Alt text: masahiro-koshiba
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/bob-rice jpg
    Alt text: bob-rice
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/mikael-stenbom jpg
    Alt text: mikael-stenbom
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/lisa-o-connor jpg
    Alt text: lisa-o-connor
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/Meier jpg
    Alt text: Peter Meier
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/mark-okada-part2 jpg
    Alt text: mark-okada-part2
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/AndrewMain jpg
    Alt text: Andrew Main
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/jeff-kong jpg
    Alt text: jeff-kong
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/andreas-wolfl jpg
    Alt text: andreas-wolfl
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/anne-sophie-d-andlau-2 jpg
    Alt text: anne-sophie-d-andlau-2
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/paul-grassi jpg
    Alt text: paul-grassi
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/dr-amin-el-kholy jpg
    Alt text: dr-amin-el-kholy
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/arnaud-chretien jpg
    Alt text: arnaud-chretien
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/anne-simond jpg
    Alt text: anne-simond
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/optimal-fund-management jpg
    Alt text: optimal-fund-management
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/jack-inglis jpg
    Alt text: jack-inglis
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/steve-markovitz jpg
    Alt text: steve-markovitz
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/michael-torres jpg
    Alt text: michael-torres
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/ernest-jaffarian jpg
    Alt text: ernest-jaffarian
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/bob-forness jpg
    Alt text: bob-forness
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/russel-pillemer jpg
    Alt text: russel-pillemer
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/first-trust-advisors jpg
    Alt text: first-trust-advisors
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/ed-rogers jpg
    Alt text: ed-rogers
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/marc-de-kloe jpg
    Alt text: marc-de-kloe
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/keyquant jpg
    Alt text: keyquant
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/joe-taussig-taussig-capital-ltd-1 jpg
    Alt text: joe-taussig-taussig-capital-ltd-1
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/jack-lowenstein jpg
    Alt text: jack-lowenstein
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/greg_troccoli jpg
    Alt text: greg troccoli
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/akber-naqvi jpg
    Alt text: akber-naqvi
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/adrian-elwood jpg
    Alt text: adrian-elwood
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/stephen-pratt jpg
    Alt text: stephen-pratt
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/sigma jpg
    Alt text: sigma
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/gibraltar-stock-exchange jpg
    Alt text: gibraltar-stock-exchange
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/sherpa-funds-technology jpg
    Alt text: sherpa-funds-technology
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/marcus-storr jpg
    Alt text: marcus-storr
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/chris-gosselin jpg
    Alt text: chris-gosselin
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/lily-engelhardt jpg
    Alt text: lily-engelhardt
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/ilario-scasascia jpg
    Alt text: ilario-scasascia
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/jack-schwager jpg
    Alt text: jack-schwager
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/Danny jpg
    Alt text: Danny Yong
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/ping jpg
    Alt text: Ping Jiang
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/jim-chanos jpg
    Alt text: jim-chanos
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/julian12433 jpg
    Alt text: Julian Robertson
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/Mike_Novogratz jpg
    Alt text: Mike Novogratz
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/jeffrey jpg
    Alt text: Jeffrey W Ubben
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/izzy jpg
    Alt text: Izzy Englander Israel A Englander
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/GuySpier jpg
    Alt text: Guy Spier
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/elena jpg
    Alt text: Elena Ambrosiadou
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/michael-wexler jpg
    Alt text: michael-wexler
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/jack-schwager-2 jpg
    Alt text: jack-schwager-2
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/david jpg
    Alt text: David Gerstenhaber
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/85916bcb0725e6e3a902f3d7a8471f84 jpg
    Alt text: Anthony Ward Armajaro
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/jack-schwager-3 jpg
    Alt text: jack-schwager-3
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/william jpg
    Alt text: William Browder Bill Browder
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/patrick-wolff jpg
    Alt text: patrick-wolff
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/Anthony_Scaramucci jpg
    Alt text: Anthony Scaramucci
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/eric-wong jpg
    Alt text: eric-wong
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/karsten jpg
    Alt text: Karsten Schroeder
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/DougBarnett jpg
    Alt text: Doug Barnett
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/george-schultze jpg
    Alt text: george-schultze
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/joe-taussig-taussig-capital jpg
    Alt text: joe-taussig-taussig-capital
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/stevediggle jpg
    Alt text: Steve Diggle
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/LoicFery jpg
    Alt text: Loic Fery
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/Alissa jpg
    Alt text: Alissa Douglas
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/PaulHawtin jpg
    Alt text: Paul Hawtin
  • Img src: opalesque tv/gallery/thumb/frank jpg
    Alt text: Frank Meyer
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