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Karinam.ro traffic stats

Unique Visitors

Daily Unique Visitors 49
Monthly unique Visitors 1,470
Unique visitors per year 17,885

Page views

Daily Page Views 318
Monthly page views 9,540
Page views per year 116,070

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Karinam.ro is a 10 letter domain.

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Karinam Industry



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Text length: 3734

Most used words

  • detalii 27
  • produse 13
  • robineti 12
  • karinam 10
  • pentru 9
  • fluture 8
  • industry 8
  • corp 7
  • traductori 6
  • despre 6
  • certificari 6
  • caz 5
  • studii 5
  • calitate 5
  • robinet 5

Most focused words

  • detalii 20
  • produse 10
  • robineti 9
  • karinam 9
  • pentru 9
  • industry 7
  • fluture 6
  • calitate 5
  • despre 5
  • corp 5
  • traductori 4
  • certificari 4
  • mai 4
  • studii 4
  • sfera 4

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  • Img src: karinam ro/uploads/banners/11c931cbe257540baa4e4112e3391207 png
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  • Img src: karinam ro/uploads/banners/59d102a091f2cdbf283568afa7579fef png
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  • Img src: karinam ro/application/themes/karinam/assets/css/resources/logo png
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  • Img src: karinam ro/uploads/pages/images/small/91b914f0430e939822736e04f40cfe38 jpg
    Alt text: Karinam Industry
  • Img src: karinam ro/uploads/boxes/95e1ed588716542951944e1a3fbc9d93 jpg
    Alt text: HIMALIA - Robinet fluture corp metalic
  • Img src: karinam ro/uploads/boxes/4c6c4122f3913eddada0c9c5af15f459 jpg
    Alt text: FKO - Robineti fluture corp plastic
  • Img src: karinam ro/uploads/boxes/f923b02cf77ad8ae725b0e7ca46b8e80 jpg
    Alt text: BVA23 - Robineti cu sfera
  • Img src: karinam ro/uploads/boxes/f474f1aa60a2ba3318739e3c562dc68f jpg
    Alt text: HLP - Actuatori manuali
  • Img src: karinam ro/uploads/portofolios/images_list/small/0025dccdbb2cf47d20dce33ae133b421 jpg
    Alt text: Tratarea apei
  • Img src: karinam ro/uploads/portofolios/images_list/small/e7353d7de1d3aae5e095569c0e9b398d jpg
    Alt text: Generare energie electirca
  • Img src: karinam ro/uploads/portofolios/images_list/small/c07c8c867b2da569282744a33bda1355 jpg
    Alt text: Ulei si gaz
  • Img src: karinam ro/uploads/portofolios/images_list/small/8f840ac6f1a9df4305c592a81cdaf4eb jpg
    Alt text: Industria otelului
  • Img src: karinam ro/uploads/banners_left/e6fbc26c209b33eaef3b7e59d161eb97 jpg
    Alt text: Robinet de inox cu bila TLBVA23, TBLVH23
  • Img src: karinam ro/uploads/banners_left/9575a0e5795c48b56ba6c01c24c6eb78 jpg
    Alt text: DESPONIA - Robint fluture cu corp metalic
  • Img src: karinam ro/application/themes/karinam/assets/css/resources/fb png
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  • Img src: karinam ro/application/themes/karinam/assets/css/resources/g png
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  • Img src: karinam ro/application/themes/karinam/assets/css/resources/yt png
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  • Img src: karinam ro/application/themes/karinam/assets/css/resources/tw png
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  • Img src: karinam ro/application/themes/karinam/assets/css/resources/p png
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  • Img src: karinam ro/application/themes/karinam/assets/css/resources/interapp png
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Text links

There are 39 links.
  • Href: karinam ro/
    Title: Karinam Industry
  • Href: karinam ro/
    Title: Acasa
  • Href: karinam ro/produse
    Title: Produse
  • Href: karinam ro/robineti-fluture
  • Href: karinam ro/robineti-cu-sfera
  • Href: karinam ro/robineti-cutit
  • Href: karinam ro/clapete-de-sens
  • Href: karinam ro/solenoid-valves
  • Href: karinam ro/indicatori-de-pozitie
  • Href: karinam ro/actuatori
    Title: ACTUATORI
  • Href: karinam ro/manometre
    Title: MANOMETRE
  • Href: karinam ro/termometre
  • Href: karinam ro/traductori-de-presiune
  • Href: karinam ro/traductori-de-temperatura
  • Href: karinam ro/traductori-de-debit
  • Href: karinam ro/despre-noi
    Title: Despre noi
  • Href: karinam ro/misiunea-noastra
    Title: Misiunea noastra
  • Href: karinam ro/certificari
    Title: Certificari
  • Href: karinam ro/certificari-produse
    Title: Certificari produse
  • Href: karinam ro/studii-de-caz
    Title: Studii de caz
  • Href: karinam ro/contact
    Title: Contact
  • Href:
    Title: Up!
  • Href: karinam ro/tratarea-apei
    Title: Detalii!
  • Href: karinam ro/tratarea-apei
    Title: Detalii!
  • Href: karinam ro/generare-energie-electirca
    Title: Detalii!
  • Href: karinam ro/generare-energie-electirca
    Title: Detalii!
  • Href: karinam ro/ulei-si-gaz
    Title: Detalii!
  • Href: karinam ro/ulei-si-gaz
    Title: Detalii!
  • Href: karinam ro/industria-otelului
    Title: Detalii!
  • Href: karinam ro/industria-otelului
    Title: Detalii!
  • Href: karinam ro/
    Title: Acasa
  • Href: karinam ro/despre-noi
    Title: Despre noi
  • Href: karinam ro/certificari-produse
    Title: Certificari produse
  • Href: karinam ro/studii-de-caz
    Title: Studii de caz
  • Href: karinam ro/contact
    Title: Contact
  • Href: karinam ro/produse
    Title: Produse
  • Href: karinam ro/sitemap
    Title: Sitemap
  • Href: anpc ro
    Title: Autoritatea Nationala pentru Protectia Consumatorilor
  • Href: webevolution ro
    Title: web design and development


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  • http://www.karinam.ro/application/themes/karinam/assets/js/superfish.js
  • http://www.karinam.ro/application/themes/karinam/assets/js/squard.js
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  • http://www.karinam.ro/application/themes/karinam/assets/js/site-scripts.js
  • http://www.karinam.ro/application/themes/karinam/assets/js/script-bus-sol.js
  • http://www.karinam.ro/application/themes/karinam/assets/js/jquery.idTabs.min.js
  • http://www.karinam.ro/js/jquery/colorbox/jquery.colorbox-min.js
  • http://www.karinam.ro/application/themes/karinam/assets/js/jquery.nivo.slider.pack.js
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