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  • Href: farid hajji name/blog/
    Title: Farid's Blog
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  • Href: farid hajji name/blog/2014/08/28/cem-ozdemir-and-cannabis/
    Title: Permanent Link to Cem Özdemir and Cannabis
  • Href: farid hajji name/blog/author/farid/
    Title: View all posts by Farid Hajji
  • Href: oezdemir de/bio-englisch html
    Title: Cem Özdemir
  • Href:
    Title: en wikipedia org/wiki/Ice_Bucket_Challenge
  • Href: farid hajji name/blog/2014/08/12/robin-williams-dies-at-63/
    Title: Permanent Link to Robin Williams Dies at 63
  • Href: farid hajji name/blog/author/farid/
    Title: View all posts by Farid Hajji
  • Href: en wikipedia org/wiki/Robin_Williams
    Title: Robin Williams
  • Href: en wikipedia org/wiki/Good_Morning,_Vietnam
    Title: Good Morning, Vietnam
  • Href: en wikipedia org/wiki/What_Dreams_May_Come_%28film%29
    Title: What Dreams May Come
  • Href: farid hajji name/blog/2014/05/05/unix-v5-on-pdp11-using-simh/
    Title: Permanent Link to Unix v5 on PDP-11 using SimH
  • Href: farid hajji name/blog/author/farid/
    Title: View all posts by Farid Hajji
  • Href: en wikipedia org/wiki/SIMH
    Title: SimH (Wikipedia)
  • Href: en wikipedia org/wiki/Research_Unix
    Title: Research Unix (Wikipedia)
  • Href: en wikipedia org/wiki/PDP-11
    Title: PDP11 (Wikipedia)
  • Href: farid hajji name/blog/2013/11/04/nsa-blinded-by-too-much-light/
    Title: Permanent Link to NSA Blinded by Too Much Light?
  • Href: farid hajji name/blog/author/farid/
    Title: View all posts by Farid Hajji
  • Href: nsa gov/
    Title: National Security Agency NSA
  • Href: farid hajji name/blog/2013/07/11/new-pgp-key/
    Title: Permanent Link to New PGP Key
  • Href: farid hajji name/blog/author/farid/
    Title: View all posts by Farid Hajji
  • Href: farid hajji name/blog/2013/06/14/obama-to-syria-burn-baby-burn/
    Title: Permanent Link to Obama to Syria: Burn, Baby, Burn!
  • Href: farid hajji name/blog/author/farid/
    Title: View all posts by Farid Hajji
  • Href: foxnews com/politics/2013/06/14/assad-use-chemical-weapons-confirmed-us-officials-say/
    Title: White House plan to arm Syrian rebels raises fears of terrorist links
  • Href: en wikipedia org/wiki/Al-Nusra_Front
    Title: Al Nusra Front
  • Href: farid hajji name/blog/2013/02/14/is-self-marriage-possible/
    Title: Permanent Link to Is Self-Marriage Possible?
  • Href: farid hajji name/blog/author/farid/
    Title: View all posts by Farid Hajji
  • Href: en wikipedia org/wiki/Soulmate
    Title: Soulmate
  • Href: en wikipedia org/wiki/Valentine%27s_Day
    Title: Valentine's Day
  • Href: en wikipedia org/wiki/Self-marriage
    Title: Self-Marriage
  • Href: farid hajji name/blog/2013/02/14/water-is-a-human-right/
    Title: Permanent Link to Water is a Human Right
  • Href: farid hajji name/blog/author/farid/
    Title: View all posts by Farid Hajji
  • Href: right2water eu/
    Title: Water is a Human Right
  • Href: ec europa eu/commission_2010-2014/barnier/headlines/speeches/2013/06/20130621_en htm
    Title: Exclusion of water from the Concessions Directive: Statement by Commissioner Barnier
  • Href: ec europa eu/commission_2010-2014/barnier/docs/speeches/20130621_water-out-of-concessions-directive_en pdf
    Title: Statement by Commissioner Michel BARNIER on the exclusion of water from the Concessions Directive
  • Href: farid hajji name/blog/2012/07/02/stupid-german-money-for-europe/
    Title: Permanent Link to Stupid German Money for Europe
  • Href: farid hajji name/blog/author/farid/
    Title: View all posts by Farid Hajji
  • Href: robertsstahl com/articles/german_media htm
    Title: Stupid German Money
  • Href: en wikipedia org/wiki/European_Stability_Mechanism
    Title: ESM
  • Href: farid hajji name/blog/2012/07/01/waldo-canyon-fire-hits-colorado-springs/
    Title: Permanent Link to Waldo Canyon Fire hits Colorado Springs
  • Href: farid hajji name/blog/author/farid/
    Title: View all posts by Farid Hajji
  • Href: en wikipedia org/wiki/Waldo_Canyon_fire
    Title: Waldo Canyon Fire
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2014/08/12/robin-williams-dies-at-63/\'
    Title: \'Robin
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2014/05/05/unix-v5-on-pdp11-using-simh/\'
    Title: \'Unix
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2013/11/04/nsa-blinded-by-too-much-light/\'
    Title: \'NSA
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2013/07/11/new-pgp-key/\'
    Title: \'New
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2013/06/14/obama-to-syria-burn-baby-burn/\'
    Title: \'Obama
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2013/02/14/is-self-marriage-possible/\'
    Title: \'Is
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2013/02/14/water-is-a-human-right/\'
    Title: \'Water
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2012/07/02/stupid-german-money-for-europe/\'
    Title: \'Stupid
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2012/07/01/waldo-canyon-fire-hits-colorado-springs/\'
    Title: \'Waldo
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2012/07/01/censorship-in-german-weekly-die-zeit/\'
    Title: \'Censorship
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2012/03/29/more-ansi-common-lisp-introspection/\'
    Title: \'More
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2012/02/17/ansi-common-lisp-introspection/\'
    Title: \'ANSI
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2012/02/13/vgworts-shady-business-model/\'
    Title: \'VGWort\'s
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2012/02/13/bye-bye-guug/\'
    Title: \'Bye,
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2012/02/12/john-mccarthy-dennis-m-ritchie-and-steve-jobs-passed-away/\'
    Title: \'John
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2011/09/28/the-libya-war-is-far-from-over/\'
    Title: \'The
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2011/09/28/cablegate-resumes/\'
    Title: \'Cablegate
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2011/09/28/kunduz-one-more-time/\'
    Title: \'Kunduz,
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2011/09/28/sarrazinism-on-the-decline/\'
    Title: \'Sarrazinism
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2011/09/28/german-politics-update/\'
    Title: \'German
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2011/09/28/revisiting-old-blog-entries/\'
    Title: \'Revisiting
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2011/06/16/a-look-inside-sunblade-1500-and-sunblade-2500/\'
    Title: \'A
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2011/05/14/al-qaeda-beheaded-hell-shaken-by-terrorist-attack/\'
    Title: \'Al
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2011/03/19/the-libya-war-or-how-to-sell-rafale-and-eurofighter-jets/\'
    Title: \'The
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2011/01/26/resisting-data-retention-laws/\'
    Title: \'Resisting
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2011/01/18/it-is-official-germany-s-fdp-is-dying/\'
    Title: \'It
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2011/01/06/ali-reza-pahlavi-dies-from-depression/\'
    Title: \'Ali
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2010/12/02/cablegate-wikileaks-releases-too-many-secrets/\'
    Title: \'Cablegate:
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2010/11/22/nato-endorses-missile-defense-invites-russia/\'
    Title: \'NATO
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2010/09/02/thilo-sarrazin-to-be-fired-by-the-bundesbank/\'
    Title: \'Thilo
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2010/08/31/kunduz-georg-klein-and-the-fog-of-war/\'
    Title: \'Kunduz,
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2010/07/08/the-pirate-bay-leaks-user-data-like-a-sieve/\'
    Title: \'The
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2010/06/07/firegpg-is-dead/\'
    Title: \'FireGPG
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2010/06/04/world-war-ii-explodes-in-goettingen-kills-three/\'
    Title: \'World
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2010/06/04/dusseldorf-japan-day-2010/\'
    Title: \'Düsseldorf
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2010/06/01/lena-meyer-landrut-wins-eurovision-song-contest-2010/\'
    Title: \'Lena
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2010/05/25/hello-world-on-the-bare-metal/\'
    Title: \'Hello,
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2010/04/21/brazil-and-germany-leading-in-google-data-removal-requests/\'
    Title: \'Brazil
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2010/03/30/unix-copyrights-belong-to-novell-not-sco/\'
    Title: \'Unix
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2010/03/29/ethics-in-the-intelligence-community/\'
    Title: \'Ethics
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2010/03/21/cpp-tutorial-5/\'
    Title: \'C++
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2010/03/21/cpp-tutorial-4/\'
    Title: \'C++
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2010/03/18/mr-labels-nightmare-is-unjustified/\'
    Title: \'Mr
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2010/03/15/google-leaving-china/\'
    Title: \'Google
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2010/03/07/the-story-of-mel/\'
    Title: \'The
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2010/02/25/an-algorithm-for-resilient-botnets/\'
    Title: \'An
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2010/02/25/microsoft-censors-cryptome-org/\'
    Title: \'Microsoft
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2010/02/12/good-bye-kamp-dsl/\'
    Title: \'Good
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2010/02/08/self-modifying-code-in-freebsd-assembly/\'
    Title: \'Self-modifying
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2010/02/06/observer-effect-in-freebsd-assembly/\'
    Title: \'Observer
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2010/02/05/return-values-of-freebsd-syscalls-in-assembly/\'
    Title: \'Return
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2010/02/02/printing-woes-on-freebsd-8-with-cups/\'
    Title: \'Printing
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2010/01/24/googles-governmental-backdoor/\'
    Title: \'Google\'s
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2009/12/26/hello-world-in-freebsd-assembler/\'
    Title: \'Hello
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2009/11/06/cpp-tutorial-3/\'
    Title: \'C++
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2009/09/30/german-federal-elections-2009/\'
    Title: \'German
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2009/09/29/cpp-tutorial-2/\'
    Title: \'C++
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2009/09/24/cpp-tutorial-1/\'
    Title: \'C++
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2009/09/17/freedom-not-fear-2009/\'
    Title: \'Freedom
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2009/09/13/911-wtc-collapse-theory/\'
    Title: \'9/11
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2009/09/09/spam-2-0/\'
    Title: \'Spam
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2009/09/07/kunduz-air-strike/\'
    Title: \'Kunduz
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2009/09/05/best-ebook-reader/\'
    Title: \'Best
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2009/09/03/is-demonoid-a-honeypot/\'
    Title: \'Is
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2009/08/31/alan-turing-petition/\'
    Title: \'Alan
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2009/08/29/good-bye-ted-kennedy/\'
    Title: \'Good
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2009/08/29/ads-the-new-captchas/\'
    Title: \'Ads:
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2009/08/26/tpbs-routing-woes/\'
    Title: \'TPB\'s
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2009/08/23/why-russia-should-join-nato/\'
    Title: \'Why
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2009/08/23/usaf-lullaby-ad/\'
    Title: \'USAF
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2009/08/14/public-key-infrastructure-with-openssl/\'
    Title: \'Public
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2009/07/27/public-key-cryptography-with-openssl/\'
    Title: \'Public-key
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2009/07/15/encryption-and-decryption-with-openssl/\'
    Title: \'Encryption
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2009/07/13/wells-fargo-bank-sues-itself/\'
    Title: \'Wells
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2009/06/20/circumventing-internet-censorship/\'
    Title: \'Circumventing
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2009/06/14/north-korea-on-the-war-path/\'
    Title: \'North
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2009/06/11/covert-channels-in-spam/\'
    Title: \'Covert
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2009/06/11/welcome-element-112/\'
    Title: \'Welcome
  • Href: \'farid hajji name/blog/2009/06/10/unintended-synchronization-in-computers/\'
    Title: \'Unintended
  • Href: cordula ws/
    Title: A sanctuary for lonesome souls
  • Href: pythonbook hajji name/
    Title: Das Python Praxisbuch (Addison-Wesley, 2008)
  • Href: wordpress org/
    Title: Powered by WordPress, state-of-the-art semantic personal publishing platform
  • Href: wordpress org/
    Title: A Semantic Personal Publishing Platform


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