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United Federation of Teachers



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  • Img src: uft org/files/imagecache/front_360x215/photo/devos-trump jpg
    Alt text: President-elect Donald Trump and Betsy DeVos at Trump's golf club in Bedminster,
  • Img src: uft org/files/imagecache/front_360x215/photo/a-day-of-empowerment-2016-056-0204 jpg
    Alt text: Cathy London of PS 40 in Jamaica, Queens, shares the headline she helped create
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    Alt text: Generic-money
  • Img src: uft org/files/imagecache/front_360x215/photo/results-show-vulnerability-working-class jpg
    Alt text: Hundreds of Wisconsin's public employees and supporters pack the Capitol
  • Img src: uft org/files/imagecache/action_alert_block/photo/action-alert-toydrive jpg
    Alt text: Toy Drive
  • Img src: uft org/files/imagecache/hp_feat_media/photo/election-day-action-2016-6 jpg
    Alt text: Educators at PS 133 in Bellerose demonstrate that they have Respect for All

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  • Href: facebook com/uftny
    Title: Facebook: Like us
  • Href: twitter com/uft
    Title: Twitter: Follow us
  • Href: instagram com/uftny
    Title: Instagram: Follow us
  • Href: /contact
    Title: Comprehensive directory-style contact information - includes information by department, contacts for organizing
  • Href: /our-rights/salary
    Title: Salary
  • Href: /our-rights/memorandums-agreement
    Title: Memorandums of Agreement
  • Href: /our-rights/contracts-print
    Title: Contracts for all titles can be accessed without login here
  • Href: /our-rights/non-doe-contracts-pdf-versions
    Title: Non-DOE contracts - PDF versions
  • Href: /our-benefits/pension
    Title: Pension
  • Href: /chapters/administrative-ed-analysts-and-officers
    Title: Administrative Ed Analysts and Officers
  • Href: /chapters/audiologists
    Title: Audiologists Chapter
  • Href: /chapters/education-officers-education-analysts
    Title: Education Officers & Education Analysts
  • Href: /chapters/guidance-counselors
    Title: Guidance Counselors
  • Href: /chapters/hearing-education-services
    Title: Hearing Education Services
  • Href: /chapters/hearing-officers-session
    Title: Hearing Officers (Per Session)
  • Href: /chapters/lab-specialists
    Title: Lab Specialists
  • Href: /chapters/occupational-physical-therapists
    Title: Occupational & Physical Therapists
  • Href: /chapters/paraprofessionals
    Title: Paraprofessionals
  • Href: /chapters/retirees
    Title: Retired Teachers
  • Href: /chapters/school-nurses
    Title: School Nurses
  • Href: /chapters/secretaries
    Title: School Secretaries
  • Href: /chapters/social-workers-psychologists
    Title: Social Workers & Psychologists
  • Href: /chapters/speech-improvement
    Title: Speech Improvement
  • Href: /chapters/supervisors-nurses-therapists
    Title: Supervisors of Nurses & Therapists
  • Href: /chapters/teachers-assigned
    Title: Teachers Assigned
  • Href: /chapters/vision-education-services
    Title: Vision Education Services
  • Href: /chapters/other-doe
    Title: Other DOE Chapters
  • Href: /chapters/charter-schools
    Title: Charter School Chapters
  • Href: /chapters/non-doe-education
    Title: Non-DOE Education Chapters
  • Href: /chapters/federation-nurses
    Title: Federation of Nurses/UFT
  • Href: /chapters/united-cerebral-palsy-nyc
    Title: United Cerebral Palsy of NYC
  • Href: /chapters/uft-providers
    Title: UFT Providers
  • Href: /campaigns
    Title: Campaigns page displays ongoing / current opportunities to get involved
  • Href: /teaching/career-timeline
    Title: Teacher-specific timeline
  • Href: /teaching/teacher-leadership
    Title: Teacher Leadership
  • Href: /teaching/certification
    Title: Certification
  • Href: uft org/teaching/district-75
    Title: District 75
  • Href: /teaching/prose
    Title: PROSE
  • Href: /teaching/positive-learning-collaborative
    Title: Positive Learning Collaborative
  • Href: /teaching/professional-development-resources
    Title: Professional Development Resources
  • Href: /teaching/team-high-school
    Title: Welcome to Team High School
  • Href: /news/op-eds
    Title: Op-Eds & Letters to the Editor
  • Href: /news/publications
    Title: Publications
  • Href: /chapter-leaders
    Title: Chapter Leaders
  • Href: /new-teachers
    Title: New Teachers
  • Href: /parents
    Title: Parents
  • Href: /our-benefits/uft-forms
    Title: Forms
  • Href: /health-benefits
    Title: Health Benefits
  • Href: /our-benefits/pension
    Title: Pension
  • Href: /our-rights/salary
    Title: Salary
  • Href: /enrollment-info
    Title: Join the UFT
  • Href: /campaigns
    Title: Action Alerts
  • Href: facebook com/uftny
    Title: Facebook: Like us
  • Href: twitter com/UFT
    Title: Twitter: Follow us
  • Href: instagram com/uftny
    Title: Instagram: follow us
  • Href: /boroughs/brooklyn
    Title: Brooklyn
  • Href: /boroughs/queens
    Title: Queens
  • Href: /boroughs/bronx
    Title: Bronx
  • Href: /boroughs/staten-island
    Title: Staten Island
  • Href: /boroughs/manhattan
    Title: Manhattan
  • Href: /user/register
    Title: Create a new user account
  • Href: /user/password
    Title: Request new password via e-mail


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United Federation of Teachers
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Health Benefits | United Federation of Teachers
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