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  • Img src: a abcnews com/images/International/GTY-alaska-global-warming-jt-161127_4x3t_384 jpg
    Alt text: PHOTO: Melted ice chunks linger on the Chukchi Sea, normally a frozen expanse during the Spring Seal hunt, forcing local Inupiat Eskimos to use boats for this traditional subsistence fishing, June 9, 2005 in Shishmaref, Alaska
  • Img src: a abcnews com/images/ThisWeek/161127_tw_full_16x9_240 jpg
    Alt text: VIDEO: This Week 11/27/16: Donald Trump Continues Transition as Fidel Castro Passes
  • Img src: a abcnews com/images/GMA/161126_gma_full_16x9_240 jpg
    Alt text: VIDEO: GMA 11/26/16: Fidel Castros Death Stirs Reaction Worldwide
  • Img src: a abcnews com/images/WNT/161125_wn_full_16x9_240 jpg
    Alt text: VIDEO: 11/25/16: 5 Suspects Arrested in Large-Scale Terror Plot in France
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  • Img src: a abcnews com/assets/images/v3/pixel_eee gif
    Alt text: Behold, the Supermoon in Photos
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  • Img src: a abcnews com/assets/images/v3/pixel_eee gif
    Alt text: PHOTO:
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  • Img src: a abcnews com/assets/images/v3/pixel_eee gif
    Alt text: PHOTO: Ceremonies Around the World Honor Those Who Served
  • Img src: a abcnews com/assets/images/spacer gif
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  • Img src: a abcnews com/assets/images/v3/pixel_eee gif
    Alt text: Dramatic Scenes as Thousands March in Protest Against Donald Trump
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  • Href: sodahead com/fun/plans-for-the-hyperloop-a-high-speed-transit-system-linking-los-angeles-and-san-francisco-have-bee/question-3864783/
    Title: Plans for the Hyperloop, a high-speed transit system linking Los Angeles and San Francisco, have been released Would you use such a system to get from one town to another?


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