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Daily Page Views 33
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8k0hx.tk is a 8 letter domain.

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    Content: 创业资讯,科技新闻,赢得,投资者,投资人
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    Content: 几乎每家创业公司都在寻求融资,而事实上提交融资申请后真正能拿到资金的公司少之又少,这确实让人感觉很沮丧。怎样才能强化自身优势,赢得继续生存的机会呢?拥有十多年投资经验的Startup Professionals创始人兼CEO Marty Zwilling,站在资深投资者的角度给出了如下十条建议: 1.立即整合你的业务 如果你想获得融资,首先要将你的业务整合成某种符合融资要求的股份制公司形式。法人实体最好符合投资人股权共享的理念,而非法人实体无法获得投资。
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  • 氪空间 5
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  • 36kr融资 2
  • 投资人 2
  • 36kr股权投资 2
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  • 京icp证150143号 1
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  • 为你推送和解读最前沿 1

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  • Img src: //sta 36krcnd com/common-module/common-header/images/logo png
    Alt text: 36氪
  • Img src: //sta 36krcnd com/common-module/common-header/images/logo png
    Alt text: 36氪
  • Img src: //sta 36krcnd com/36krhome-dev/images/logos/aly png
    Alt text: 阿里云
  • Img src: //sta 36krcnd com/36krhome-dev/images/logos/txyun png
    Alt text: 腾讯云
  • Img src: //sta 36krcnd com/36krhome-dev/images/logos/wyyx png
    Alt text: 网易云信
  • Img src: //sta 36krcnd com/36krhome-dev/images/logos/wyqiyu png
    Alt text: 网易七鱼
  • Img src: //sta 36krcnd com/36krhome-dev/images/logos/umeng png
    Alt text: 友盟+
  • Img src: //sta 36krcnd com/36krhome-dev/images/logos/gt png
    Alt text: 个推
  • Img src: //sta 36krcnd com/36krhome-dev/images/logos/teambition png
    Alt text: teambition
  • Img src: //sta 36krcnd com/36krhome-dev/images/logos/yp png
    Alt text: 云片网络
  • Img src: //sta 36krcnd com/36krhome-dev/images/logos/upy png
    Alt text: 又拍云
  • Img src: //sta 36krcnd com/36krhome-dev/images/logos/qny png
    Alt text: 七牛云存储
  • Img src: //sta 36krcnd com/36krhome-dev/images/logos/rongyun png
    Alt text: 融云
  • Img src: //sta 36krcnd com/36krhome-dev/images/logos/dp png
    Alt text: dnspod
  • Img src: //sta 36krcnd com/36krhome-dev/images/logos/sc png
    Alt text: 神策
  • Img src: //sta 36krcnd com/36krhome-dev/images/logos/daguan png
    Alt text: 达观数据
  • Img src: //sta 36krcnd com/36krhome-dev/images/logos/tingyun png
    Alt text: 听云
  • Img src: //sta 36krcnd com/36krhome-dev/images/qr png
    Alt text: 微信公众平台
  • Img src: //sta 36krcnd com/36krhome-dev/images/logos/aliyunfooter png
    Alt text: 阿里云
  • Img src: //static anquan org/static/outer/image/gw_83x30 png
    Alt text: 品牌宝
  • Img src: //pic 36krcnd com/201510/10030639/auf3bjiuzybiy4yp jpg
    Alt text: 微信公众平台
  • Img src: //pic 36krcnd com/201510/10030639/auf3bjiuzybiy4yp jpg
    Alt text: 36氪
  • Img src: //pic 36krcnd com/201510/10030739/ewsiiy8hk3fkm8vo jpg
    Alt text: 36Kr股权投资
  • Img src: //pic 36krcnd com/201510/10030812/dxj8nqvn9a0dn12p jpg
    Alt text: 36kr融资
  • Img src: //pic 36krcnd com/201510/10030859/s67u65mqapgck2cq jpg
    Alt text: 氪空间


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